Gaberial (Gabi) Williams

Internship Program Lead, High School Internship Program, Chicago

Gaberial Williams joined Urban Alliance Chicago in January 2022, where she joined as a Program Associate for the Obama Youth Jobs Corps program. In September 2022, she became an Internship Program Lead for the High school Internship Program (HSIP). Gaberial is an Urban Alliance alumnus and gained a passion for working with teens during her internship at The Catholic Charities Peace Corner. She also cherishes the experience she gained while working with students in the OYJC program. Her goal is to continue to use her resources to expand UA’s interns’ thinking and prepare them for the career that they are building for themselves.

Gaberial attended DRW College Prep before graduating and went on to study Forensic Chemistry at Western Illinois University. While she has different study interests than her career interests, she is confident that she has taken the right path and is excited to help provide the best intern experience for our youth!