Ramiro Forty

Internship Program Lead, High School Internship Program, Montgomery County

Ramiro Forty joined the Urban Alliance team in October 2021 as the Property Management Pathway Program Coordinator and now serves as the Montgomery County High School Internship Program Lead. Before joining Urban Alliance, Ramiro served as a Site Supervisor for the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), providing academic support, college readiness, and life skills workshops for youth at the high school level in Washington DC.

Ramiro is majoring in Communication studies at the University of Maryland Global Campus and minored in Digital Media Production at the College of Southern Maryland. Ramiro’s history with Urban Alliance traces back to his senior year in High School, where he interned at the Office of Personnel Management through Urban Alliance. He has held the experience very dear to his heart and, till this day, communicates with his mentors from the program. Following his senior year, Ramiro joined LAYC’s AmeriCorps program to coordinate elementary & high school after-school programs.