Baltimore Internship Inspires Shikera Simmons to Pursue Social Work

Meet Shikera Simmons who did her internship at Bank of America in Baltimore. She graduated from the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women and is now attending Coppin State University to major in social work. 

Why is Urban Alliance important to you, or your community?

Urban Alliance pushes us to be better. We can do something bigger, something better.  They help us with school and are setting us up for our future. I am most passionate about becoming a social worker to help others. 

Based on your internship experience, what are some of the key strengths and skills you can bring to your next work experience?

I learned about time management, and this will help me a lot in my next work experience. I learned to speak more, be more friendly, because I need to interact with more people. I also helped problem solve such as updating passwords.

What have you learned about yourself during your Urban Alliance experience that you did not know before?

I want to help and show people that there are those in the world that care about them…willing to help them. Not everyone has people in their lives to tell them that they can do better, to want better, and don’t settle because there is more out in the world. Urban Alliance came in and showed us that we can do this, we just have to work for it.

The Urban Alliance High School Internship Program in Baltimore is a paid nine-month program for high school seniors that includes professional development training, paid internships, and mentoring.