Vision and Mission

Employing youth — Urban Alliance has connected more than 6,000 high school students to paid internships across Greater Washington, DC area, Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit regions.  

Employing Youth. Inspiring Excellence.

Empowering youth to aspire, work, and succeed.

Every young adult will thrive in an equitable workforce.


Our mission is to create opportunities for young people in underserved communities to live a life of economic independence and upward mobility through vital skills training, mentorship, and meaningful paid work experiences. 

Urban Alliance connects high school students to equitable, inclusive careers through paid work experiences, pre-apprenticeships, mentorship, and professional development. We work with schools and employers to address systemic barriers to economic mobility for young adults of color and to bridge the gaps between education and workforce development for all young people.

We are building a diverse next-generation workforce. Since 1996, Urban Alliance has connected 6,000 young adults, primarily from communities of color, to paid internships and trained 21,000 more young adults in workforce skills across the greater Washington, DC area (including Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Northern Virginia), Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit.

We inspire students and young adults to dream big and achieve economic mobility. Our work supports the development of diverse talent pipelines. ​

In partnership with over 200+ employers, we level the playing field for young people in the workforce by equipping them with the tools to overcome the systemic barriers that prevent equal access to economic opportunity.

Our flagship High School Internship Program provides skills training, mentoring, and paid internships to high school students that keeps them connected to school or the workforce.

Students First

All of our work is guided by the principle that our students come first — always.