Teacher Training Institute

Equips Chicago Public School educators with resources to help them facilitate Urban Alliance’s workforce readiness curriculum and reinforce students social and emotional skills.

Teacher Training Institute - Year 1

For 25 years, Urban Alliance has been improving workforce and academic outcomes for young people. We are uniquely positioned to provide social and emotional learning (SEL)-based programming that leads to both short-term academic benefits and long-term workforce success for students in Chicago Public Schools. We established the Teacher Institute with generous support from the Pritzker Foundation in order to reach more young people.

Beginning with a pilot group of 14 teachers and counselors from various schools throughout the city, Urban Alliance launched the program in summer 2020 with a week-long intensive training session. Teachers were trained to facilitate a seven-part workforce readiness curriculum to develop competencies such as agency, leadership, taking initiative, building a growth mindset, and more through a combination of autonomous and structured virtual learning. Teachers were compensated for their time, as well as for recruiting and coaching 40 sophomores from their respective schools through the workforce readiness curriculum.

Through this expanded curriculum, Urban Alliance expects to train 30 teachers and reach 1,800 young people in the first two years.