Chicago High School Internship Boosts Kaylah Cannon’s MS Suite Skills

Meet Kaylah Cannon, who just completed her high school internship in Chicago. Kaylah was an intern at Northern Trust. She is attending Loyola University to study nursing.

Why is Urban Alliance important to you or your community?

Urban Alliance’s high school internship program is important in Chicago because it provides different opportunities for people of color, [and gives us] the ability to work in high end jobs in the corporate world, medical field, and to get professional skills that we may not get the chance to get until later in life.

Based on your internship experience, what are some of the key strengths and skills you can bring to your next work experience?

My passion is to support and help my family and become successful enough to give back to them the way they gave to me. I also learned how to use MS Suite to communicate with my peers and complete my projects. I know this will help me with my future and work experience.

What have you learned about yourself during your Urban Alliance experience that you did not know before?

Urban Alliance taught me that I do enjoy working in groups. Prior to my internship I did not like working with others. It is nice to work with groups. I had to go above and beyond and work with various people on the job site to complete my tasks.

The Urban Alliance High School Internship Program is a paid nine-month program for high school seniors that includes professional development training, paid internships, and mentoring.