CNN’s Chicagoland Spotlights Urban Alliance

Urban Alliance on CNN Original Series: Chicagoland

The Urban Alliance visit from First Lady Michelle Obama was showcased in the season finale of the Chicagoland docuseries on CNN. The show explores the intricacies involved in the politics, public safety, education and economic development issues facing Chicago.  In the clip from the season finale, Intern, Briana Miller, asked Mrs. Obama for words of advice on navigating the transition to college in a community very different than the one from which she hails. The First Lady told her to “own your experience and your background” to relate how her upbringing shaped who she is today and encouraged her to be proud of her accomplishments. Briana took that advice with her as a freshman, currently majoring in Human Rights at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She was actively involved in Chicago Ideas Week, also featured in the final episode of Chicagoland, and flew back from Connecticut to speak on a panel entitled “Education: State of the Student.” The interaction with Mrs. Obama was very meaningful to Briana because she says, “there were a lot of parallels in our stories.” After completion of her first year of college, Briana will return to Chicago this summer to participate in the Urban Alliance Alumni Internship Program.

A number of other Urban Alliance Interns and Alumni were also seen throughout the series. Gloria Rivas ‘13, was shown in the Chicago Ideas Week segments.  Gloria was a Youth Ambassador for Chicago Ideas Week and was actively involved in the planning for the past year’s events.  She was shown at the Art installation with Hebru Bradley and also in the small group discussion on neighborhood violence.  She is currently attending Harold Washington College and also works at Chest Medicine part time.

Dionte Rice, who currently interns at Teach for America, was shown when Mayor Rahm Emmanuel spoke to students at Fenger High School. Brandi Thompson (Choose Chicago), Brittany Thompson (ComEd), and Serrina Tabor (Katten, Muchin, Rosenman LLC) were seen shaking hands and talking with Mayor Emmanuel at Chicago Ideas Week. William White (Loop Capital) was seen preparing sushi at the fundraiser for Fenger High School.

Liz Dozier, Principal of Fenger High School (a UA partner school), has been regularly featured on the show and was recently on a morning news show in which she commended Urban Alliance for providing opportunities to students to gain work experience and exposure to downtown Chicago. The morning news segment can be viewed here: .

Additionally, UA was earlier featured on in their piece: “5 ways you can make Chicago stronger”

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