AirbnbCitizen Blog: “Partnering with Urban Alliance to equip the next generation”

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“Airbnb is proud to announce we are partnering with Urban Alliance on the work they are doing to support students across the United States. Through its programs, Urban Alliance works with businesses to empower under-resourced youth to be self-sufficient by providing paid internships, formal training and mentorship. Through our partnership with Urban Alliance, Airbnb will provide internships to high school seniors in our Washington, DC and Chicago offices, where they will work alongside the Airbnb team on a range of projects.To kick off this collaboration, Airbnb and Urban Alliance co-sponsored a recent panel discussion on the future of youth unemployment and the need to prepare today’s grade-school students with the 21st-century skills needed to fill technology jobs that do not yet exist. The event, called “Disruption Proof,” was held at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. Speakers included Deputy Commerce Secretary Bruce Andrews, Learnzillion founder Alix Guerrier, Brookings Institute fellow Martha Ross, ITI president and CEO Dean Garfield, Urban Institute president Sarah Rosen Wartell, UA alumna Yemina Riquelme and her mentor Jim Egenrieder, Director of Virginia Tech’s ThinkabitLab.

Airbnb’s Brandon Hatton, DC head of mobilization, shared some reflections on our Urban Alliance interns and the roles they can play in helping Airbnb to better understand and collaborate with diverse communities. He also encouraged other tech companies represented in the audience to get involved with UA and help provide these opportunities for skills training and career exposure to more high school students in the DC area.

“Airbnb is changing how we think about the use of technology as they develop new ways to deepen our digital and personal connections with one another,” said Eshauna Smith, CEO of Urban Alliance, “and we are thrilled to partner with this innovative company that not only strives to empower those they serve but continues to push the boundaries of technology. The partnership between Airbnb and Urban Alliance will give our young people the opportunity to explore their natural curiosity and the space to think outside the box in innovative and meaningful ways.”

We look forward to our ongoing work with Urban Alliance and are proud to partner with an organization that is empowering the next generation of tech talent and helping to give all students an opportunity to succeed.”