Eshauna Smith’s article in Nonprofit Quarterly

We learned a lot during our six-year RCT study released this summer. Our CEO Eshauna Smith shared some advice and lessons learned in Nonprofit Quarterly ‘s fall 2017 issue.

“Our results justified the arduous RCT process, because we’ll be using what we’ve learned in order to improve—and, most important, expand—our program, ultimately allowing us to serve more students. But the process was by no means smooth or without cost, and we learned a lot along the way. We didn’t avoid the trap—which nonprofits often fall into with an RCT—of jumping in without first honestly assessing our readiness for such a venture. So for nonprofits thinking about completing an RCT in the future, we want to share what the process really entails and offer up some hard-won advice.”

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Fall 2017 Nonprofit Quarterly article – Taking the Evaluation Leap