Why should your business become an OYJC job partner?

Bank of America, Hyatt, and KPMG signed on as signature job partners for Obama Youth Jobs Corps youth, and your company can join them.

Early employment is proven to change the life trajectories of young people at heightened risk of disconnection, increasing their desire to succeed in school and the workforce. Urban Alliance is the connection between students, schools, and employers to increase young people’s access to economic opportunity. Our public and private partners have leveraged their strategic partnerships with Urban Alliance to change the life trajectories of thousands of young people, while generating benefits for their businesses.

Through partnership, companies can:

  • Increase diversity of both personnel and thought
  • Meaningfully engage with the community
  • Establish a local talent pipeline
  • Boost employee morale and retention
  • Augment marketing through meaningful corporate social responsibility
  • Increase capacity and productivity through intern support without the added burden of creating an internal internship program structure
  • Provide emerging leaders with management experience by supervising interns