Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Gray


Many Interns initially complain about menial tasks like filing or database entry tasks, but DC UA Alumna Jasmine Gray ‘09 quickly recognized that proving she could handle such duties could lead to better opportunities; that is just what happened.

Going into her senior year in high school, Jasmine’s first UA internship was at Fannie Mae where she completed a lot of administrative tasks. Shortly thereafter, she was placed at Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, & Burns (GMMB) Law Firm during her senior year at McKinley Technology High School. Upon graduating, Jasmine enrolled in DC’s Trinity University, which turned out to be the best choice for her. With plans to enter in a career in international affairs, Trinity not only offered that major but also granted her the best financial aid package. Additionally, being in our nation’s capital, she figured she could eventually score an internship that would help jumpstart her career. Above all, Jasmine was determined to make this happen.

Since Jasmine was so certain of the type of internship she wanted, she made this very clear to the Alumni Services Department via her CIP Application. She even contacted the Alumni Services Coordinator regularly inquiring about any leads specific to her field of interest. This is why it is not a surprise that when USAID requested Interns interested in international affairs, UA knew who to place in that site.

Realizing the opportunities that could come from her dream internship, Jasmine worked hard to make a great impression with her supervisors at USAID. Her professionalism, time management, punctuality, and drive acquired from her previous internship experiences led to USAID eventually offering Jasmine the Human Resources Department’s Student Career Experience Program. Since she was a college student, USAID was willing to work with her school schedule if it meant keeping Jasmine on board. It doesn’t end there. USAID has a full-time position waiting for Jasmine upon her pending graduation in May 2013! USAID offers Jasmine the opportunity to become a foreign officer, but she is still keeping her options open.

While balancing school assignments and work, Jasmine serves as a US Army ROTC cadet at Howard University. Jasmine realizes that college may not be for everyone. This is why she strongly urges Alumni to look into other great options like trade schools or enlisting in military opportunities, but advises for those looking into these tracks to still utilize the Alumni Services Team. She shares, “You only get out of UA what you put in. If you successfully complete the program, the opportunities that will present themselves to you will be endless. If you give UA 100%, then they will give you 110% in return, but the ball is in your court.” Jasmine goes on to humbly acknowledge that “without the help and guidance of UA’s Alumni Services, [she] wouldn’t have been able to jumpstart [her] career or have been this successful.”

UA is so proud of you, Jasmine! Continue to keep up that GPA while balancing your amazing work at USAID and service in the ROTC. We look forward to learning which route you decide to take upon graduation!

Her extensive internship experience, participation in ROTC, and major with a political science minor could lead to a prosperous military career. Still, Jasmine does not need to make this decision in haste, and instead is weighing these options and more.