Alumni Spotlight: Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry ’07

Margaret Murray Washington Career Senior High School and UA alumna Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry ‘07 had a memorable 2012. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Nursing in April from Washington Adventist University (WAU) and got married the following month!

Earning this degree was in Lori-Ann’s sights all along. She tells UA, “I have always wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. There was never another profession that I was interested in.” She has been com-mitted to achieving her role of a nurse “not just to make money” but to serve as a “caring, disciplined, responsible, and non-judgmental” individual.

Prior to enrolling at WAU, Lori-Ann asked others for input regarding nursing schools. A family friend had graduated from WAU’s nursing program and warned her of the challenging curriculum it was known for; that is just what Lori-Ann preferred in a program because she “didn’t want to graduate from a school that was easy and then not have the knowledge or experience that is needed as a Registered Nurse.” Then, her UA mentor at Portfolio Logic and Columbia Union College (later named WAU) alum, Mr. Winston Lord, also had glowing review of their nursing program. That did it for Lori-Ann! She knew she had to apply. Buy cheap generic Levitra online with bitcoin.

Recently, Lori-Ann passed her Registered Nurse Board Certification utilizing Kaplan’s test preparation services. She advises other Alumni interested in nursing and studying for this certification exam by looking into whether or not your school offers a course during your final semester. Otherwise, “you can sign up for the courses on your own time prior to taking your exam” from test prep companies like Kaplan. Lori-Ann and many of her classmates liked Kaplan’s online resources and also “found that practicing NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) style questions was most helpful.”

For those considering the nursing field, Lori-Ann has some advice. She suggests that you do research about the school’s nursing program so you learn whether or not it matches your interest. Also, she urges students to obtain a part-time job as a nursing assistant while in school to build upon hands-on experience for their resume. Lastly, she says that finding a nurse mentor is essential in receiving guidance in school choices, studying, and net-working.

With the assistance of the Alumni Services Department, Lori-Ann is actively searching for the nursing job that is a perfect fit, and she is also considering earning a masters degree.

Blessings to Lori-Ann and all of her future endeavors!