New Greater DC Partner Bozzuto Spotlights and Hires UA Intern

An intern in our inaugural Property Management Pathway cohort, Cameron Cary did a stellar job in one of Urban Alliance’s DC high school internships with Bozzuto this summer. His efforts blew away his employers and helped him land a part-time job offer with the company while attending Rochester University in the fall. Cameron was also selected as a student speaker for our recent Property Management Pathway launch event, “Diversity & Opportunity In Property Management,” and shared how working with Bozzuto has helped him unlock his full potential.

This month, Bozzuto spotlighted Cameron in their company blog. Take a look.

Cameron Cary | Urban Alliance BMC Intern

How familiar were you with Bozzuto prior to applying to the internship program, and why did you choose Bozzuto? 

Prior to joining Bozzuto, I was fairly unfamiliar with the company other than seeing the logo frequently in my area. I had noticed more and more developments being built by Bozzuto and became curious how they were able to roll out various projects. After doing more research and understanding the core values that Bozzuto promised to provide to their customers, I knew I wanted to apply for a position. Since many of the company’s values align with my own, I knew I would enjoy working in such an inclusive and enriching environment. 

What has been the biggest takeaway from your internship? 

I appreciate the team effort to ensure a productive environment. Before my internship, I was oblivious to the many ways someone’s talents can be used to market and run a property successfully. I have been able to use my skills in marketing to better support my Bozzuto community. And in areas where I struggle, I can turn to a co-worker who I know will always be there for support no matter the issue. 

What would you tell a student interested in one of Bozzuto’s DC high school internships? 

I would let any student interested in the leasing industry know that Bozzuto is the place for you! As long as you are dedicated to the community and your residents, your work will never feel like work. Bozzuto employees uphold every attribute in their standards and exemplify their dedication on a daily basis.

Learn more about our partnership with Urban Alliance here.