Alumni Spotlight: Reggie Tarver II


For 2009 DC Alumnus Reggie Tarver II, balance is the key to success.

It was during his high school internship that Reggie learned valuable lessons about time management and prioritizing. As an Intern at Corporate Executive Board in the Meetings department, Reggie practiced making “responsible decisions about which task took precedence over the next.” He believes that these skills are “essential for any person, let alone a college student or employee.” Since interning at CEB, Reggie has participated in the College Internship Program (CIP) for two summers.

First, as a Video Fellow with Energy Action Coalition, Reggie used the video and music skills he gained in high school to create and share videos that visually conveyed the organization’s mission of bringing awareness about, and advocating for, clean energy and a clean environment. The next summer, Reggie worked as an IT Intern with The Center for Association Leader-ship. The responsibilities of this experience came natural to Reggie, who considers himself to be “a bit of a tech-head.”

While computers and technology are an undeniable strength of his, Reggie’s ultimate passion is music. He is currently majoring in Music with a concentration in Sound Recording. His primary instrument is the Alto Saxophone, but he is also a skilled keyboardist. In choosing to attend Elizabeth City State Reggie explains, “I wanted to go to school where I could study music, sound recording, and also be a part of a historically black school’s marching band.” Reggie is doing this and more; he is a member of the University Symphonic and Marching Band, the Collegians Jazz Ensemble, and of the band TIME Moves that he started with his cousin.

Despite what may seem like a packed schedule, Reggie maintained a 3.47 GPA last semester, an accomplishment he attributes to proper college life balance and responsibility prioritization. “I’ve learned over time that to be able to fully appreciate your college education, you must be able to enjoy it as well;” Reggie reflects, “I am able to study while being engaged in many activities as well; my stress relief is definitely creating music and performing with my band.”

Reggie looks forward to com-posing and producing music for recording artists, animated films, and video games. He credits UA for his “professional network [that] has been a main resource for his professional development.”

We wish Reggie nothing but the best!