Summer Internship Programs in DC

(Washington, D.C.) — June marked many exciting events for Urban Alliance.  While most high school students are receiving diplomas, others are starting full-time work for the summer.  Additionally, the summer commences the beginning of four summer programs Urban Alliance offers.  Those four include the inaugural Economic Club Summer Internship Program, the DC Police Foundation Classroom to Careers Summer Internship Program, the World Bank Summer Internship Program, and the Bank of America Summer Internship Program.

While some components vary depending on the Urban Alliance program, the main goal of these internships remains the same: to develop professional skills in young adults by offering unique work experiences, professional workshops, and exposure to various office environments.

The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. Summer Interns

The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. and Urban Alliance formed a new partnership that was created to serve upper level college students.  In its first year, the program received 31 applications and has accepted 20 interns.  According to the Economic Club Program Coordinator, Martin Copeland, “…the program offers a diverse group of young adults the opportunity to interact with dynamic guest speakers, intern with our amazing partner sites and receive weekly professional development.”

As for high school students, the Bank of America, World Bank, and DC Police Foundation programs are their opportunity to gain the same sorts of professional development offered through the Economic Club Internship Program.  Each of the three programs have 20-25 interns who also partake in pre-work training and professional development workshops every Friday.

Bank of America interns work as Lobby Ambassadors at different bank locations across the District.  World Bank offers interns a particularly diverse experience to work with professionals from all around the world.  Lastly, DC Police Foundation offers interns experiential learning in a variety of traditional and non-traditional work environments during their Friday workshops.  The interns are able to shadow employees at jobsites such as the National Zoo and the International Spy Museum. Through their placement in a formal office, they are able to gain valuable office skills such as filing, data entry, and appropriate office etiquette.