Darren Walker President, Ford Foundation "For countless Americans, me among them, internships have provided a foothold on the path to the American dream. Simply by making them more accessible to all, we can narrow the inequality gap while widening the circle of opportunity."
Dan Ngoyi VP of Talent Acquisition, Rock Central ""Our partnership with a workforce development organization like Urban Alliance made establishing and sustaining this talent pipeline easy.""
Raheim Davis High School Internship Class of 2012 Washington, DC ""Instead of learning in the classroom, we were working on site and experiencing the professional world. We now have professional connections and mentors.""
Tracey Montilus Gates Hudson Intern, Class of 2021 Greater Washington, DC "This program is really teaching me where my future is going to align. It’s teaching me everything I feel like I need to progress and everything I will need in the future to succeed … Honestly, I don’t know where I would be if I was not in this program."
Dah’Marria Reddic High School Internship Class of 2021 Detroit ""Becoming an intern for Rocket Mortgage was one of the best things that I could have done for my future. I gained knowledge in all aspects of marketing, work etiquette, ethics and so much more." "
Jair Lynch Jair Lynch, President & CEO of Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners Greater DC ""As an Urban Alliance Property Management Pathway Partner, we have witnessed firsthand the opportunities provided to students through internships, career readiness training, and exposure to the CRE field.""