The Daily Record (MD): Rosalyn Stewart | Keswick

Rosalyn Stewart | Keswick

By Daily Record Staff
September 5, 2019

Rosalyn Stewart, volunteer and external relations manager at Keswick, a campus and community-based health care resource, was honored by the Urban Alliance as Mentor of the Year.

The award is given to one mentor that the organization feels went above and beyond during the program year.

Urban Alliance is a national youth development nonprofit that provides economically disadvantaged young people with access to the exposure, opportunity, support and training needed to prepare them for lifelong economic self-sufficiency.

Keswick is one of 25 businesses that partners with the organization in Baltimore on their high school Internship program, an intensive, year-long experience featuring youth and professional development training, paid internships, and one-on-one support.

Stewart played an influential role in the lives of the interns, actively participating in mentor engagement events and providing full support and motivation.