Alumni Spotlight: Theodore Stewart

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Theodore Stewart ’11

Can you believe that there are over 1200 DC Alumni, and over 100 Baltimore Alumni? The numbers continue to grow, and we are very excited here at Urban Alliance! Theodore Stewart ’11 is one of many Baltimore Alumni who balances a full-time course load and a work-study job on campus. Theodore is currently a sophomore Computer Science major at Capitol College. When Theodore is not studying the latest technology advances, he is working in the campus mailroom. Theodore chose Capital College because he feels that it is close to Baltimore, but still far enough away to have the on-campus-away-from-home experience. Theodore reflects, “It’s a real quiet and calm place to study. I am easily distracted from doing tasks so I think that Capitol College is perfect.”

In 2011, Theodore proved his ability to work hard and succeed by being one of the few Interns to be placed at Morgan Stanley during the High School Program. This early work experience prepared Theodore for future summer internships and a career after college. Theodore says, “I learned that the workplace isn’t as scary or intimidating as I thought it would be, and that it’s good to have confidence.” Theodore had an excellent presentation at the Public Speaking Challenge, and is remembered by UA staff for his confidence and in-depth knowledge of Morgan Stanley.

Theodore continues to learn from his mentor and co-workers, who share wisdom and keep him on the right path. Theodore is a true testament of utilizing the Urban Alliance network. Although Theodore is interested in pursuing Computer Science, he did not let that stop him from maintaining contact with his former mentor at Morgan Stanley. Theodore states, “I have emailed my mentor, Jon, [periodically] to see how he was doing; I haven’t really asked [specific questions] about working in the business field because that’s not what I want to do, but if I did, I know he would give me good ad-vice.”

Theodore experienced freshman adjustments similar to many college students during their first semester. Theodore remembers, “The most difficult thing as a student was [organizing] my time. To overcome this, I made a schedule on my phone to tell me what I needed to do and where I needed to be at every moment.” Theodore quickly realized the importance of time management in college and, despite the initial challenges; he made a successful transition from high school. Theodore is a great example for our current high school class, as these skills will continue to guide him during the remainder of his college career and beyond.

Currently, Theodore is spending a lot his time preparing for the summer and wrapping up his sophomore year. We asked Theodore if he has any advice for Alumni and he responded by saying, “I would tell them to give [Alumni Services] a chance. They are always willing to help you to achieve your goals. If [Urban Alliance] could help you in high school then there is no doubt that they could help [you] now.”

The Alumni Services Team wishes Theodore the best of luck in his future endeavors, and looks forward to hearing news about his 2015 college graduation!