Webinar: “Bridging the Opportunity Gap: The Link Between Soft Skills, Social Capital, and Networks”

On Feb. 5, Urban Alliance and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a webinar examining how closely tied social capital really is to future success and how it – or the lack thereof – can widen the achievement gap for low-income and minority youth.

“Bridging the Opportunity Gap: The Link Between Social Capital, Soft Skills, and Networks” explored the impact of unequal access to social capital and the all-important soft skills that help determine student success in both education and future employment. Along with our partners from Braven and the Forum for Youth Investment, we discussed how cross-sector partnerships providing well-designed internships can help shrink the opportunity gap to ensure that all young people have access to the connections and training needed for future success, grounding the discussion in examples from proven youth development models.

Download webinar slides here, watch the full webinar here, and see full questions and answers from webinar participants here.